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"With us, Your Books (and your Profits) are Accounted For"

Jenifer Dunford - Profit First Professional Bookkeeper, Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Owner

Jenifer is a Profit First Professional, uniquely trained and qualified to help businesses maximize their profits and grow their business. As a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor with 20 years experience in Accounting & Bookkeeping, she really knows her stuff.

"We know what we know and we are passionate and excited about sharing our knowledge and expertise with our clients. It is truly self-fulfilling to see the look on our clients' faces when they receive their first and subsequent quarterly profit distribution checks, something the vast majority of business owners have NEVER experienced. No longer are the days of numbers in, numbers out...Profit First was a game changer. When I read the book and implemented Profit First in my own business, and then became a Profit First Professional, there was no turning back. There is no question in my mind that this methodology will help every business out there."

"Eradicating Entrepreneurial Poverty"...One Business at a Time.

Why us?

Our firm is one of the select few, nationwide, that have received specialized training in Profit First. What does this mean for you? We will guide you with the methods to greatly increase the profitability of your business. Of course, we will manage your finances and take care of your books - but any bookkeeper can do that. We also provide the most important financial factor - maximizing your profits.

Mike Michalowicz - Adviser & Lead Profit First Strategist

Mike is the entrepreneur behind three multimillion dollar companies and is the author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan and what BusinessWeek deemed the entrepreneurs cult classic, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur. He is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal, speaks internationally on entrepreneurial topics, and is the creator of the Profit First method. Mike is an active adviser on Profit First to our firm.



Accounted For Bookkeeping, LLC follows a strict code of ethics. This set of standards implements the high expectations in personal and business practices that we require of our company, our team members and the services we provide.  

We are Committed to Building Stronger Individuals, Stronger Businesses and Stronger Communities.